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No hair type can stand in your way when you’re using the best soft strip wax formulas and professional-grade Starpil Pre-Cut Non-Woven Strips. Our wax removal strips are incredibly strong and durable. Pressed with the highest quality cellulose fibers, these strips have a smooth texture that won’t bleed, tear or fray for no-fuss waxing.

These pre-cut, 3” x 9” strips offer flexibility and are malleable to adhere easily to the contours of the face and body. They're the perfect size for large waxing services but cut them down to size, and they’re the perfect fit for all brow, lip, and facial waxing. Their thickness and absorbability allow for them to be used multiple times without bleeding for neat and clean speed-waxing realness. They support wax’s adhesion to every hair strand for complete removal and superior waxing services.