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4,46 KG GHS 1,632


A large 10lb bag of Starpil Blue Film Hard Wax Beads will go the distance in the treatment room in more ways than one. These hard wax beans are made with the ultimate pliability, elasticity, and spreadability in mind, making them a world-renowned formula. They work hard at a low application temperature for a relaxed application that’s gentle on skin. With rapid cooling and the perfect number of polymers, Starpil blue hard wax securely hugs hairs at the root without gripping the skin.

It glides over large, full-body waxing areas without breaking or cracking with a spreadable crystalline formula, making it the best blue wax for speed waxing. The resealable bag and easy-to-measure blue hard wax beans make filling your wax pot and storage super-convenient, while their smaller size offers a quick and even meltdown.