4,46 KG GHS 1,632



If you need an extra-gentle touch, Starpil Pink Film Hard Wax is the crème de la crème for working on delicate areas like the face, underarms, or intimate waxing. It reduces redness and irritation by layering skin with a creamy pink film wax formula. Allowing for a thin, low-temperature application that keeps skin safe, you have found yourself an indulgent pink wax for hair removal that eases skin as it works its magic. Starpil pink wax beads meltdown quickly to cinch around the finest, tiniest hairs at the root for their complete removal. It spreads and cools evenly, limiting the need to re-apply the wax, but it’s so gentle that even if you had to, skin wouldn’t be mad at you for it.

These easy-to-measure pink hard wax beans come in a resealable ten-pound bag that offers an effortless pour and is quick to store. Their small bead size makes your pink hard wax meltdown much quicker and evenly for a stripless hard wax formula that works as hard as you do.