Pre Pil Gel 500ML (GHS 216)



GHS 216


Original Pre-Wax Gel (Large - 500ml)

Our Original Large Pre-Wax Gel is a skin-reviving wake-up call that gently cleanses and prepares skin for hair removal as it soothes, supports, and protects.

This waterless cleanser removes impurities and excess oil for more consistent waxing results. It doesn’t strip the skin of its protective layer, it enhances it! By layering on antioxidant properties, and calming and moisturizing ingredients like chamomile, tamanu, and vitamin E, you bolster skin’s ability to recover more quickly after waxing. 

When you use this large pre-wax gel in your back bar before hair removal, it continues working down to the last strip by reducing redness, irritation, and pain.